Happy Wheels MARATHON w Nova Ep

Happy Wheels MARATHON w Nova Ep.36 - Parkour Up The Pooper

"Fuck The World" was a running gag of Nova. It is said when the Happy Wheels character (it can be any) picks up their own leg and throws it in the air while shouting "fuck the world". It isn't used as much as of late, but is still remembered as a memorable gag.


On November 27, 2011, Nova posted a Happy Wheels video; around the 4:16 mark of the video, Nova chucked his leg and said "fuck the world". Since then, most of Nova's Happy Wheels videos have had that saying in it, and it even has its own t-shirt.


  • Although the phrase was used mainly in Happy Wheels, it spread to other games as well (although the character wouldn't throw their leg in the other games)
  • Some of the Creatures started using the phrase as well.