Joe is a friend of James, as well as a former editor and recurring cast member for Cow Chop. Joe was first introduced to when he joined The Creatures, yet he and James have had a long history before that.


Joe went to the same high school as James, and the two were classmates and best friends. This makes him James' longest-lasting known friendship with anyone he's collaborated with on YouTube.

Joe and James made many lost videos when they were teenagers and young adults. They've both said these videos would probably never be released, due to unknown reasons. Joe and James also have said they were real mischievous teenagers. One known instance of this is when Joe urinated in the freezer of a retirement home he worked at, right after quitting the job. Despite all this, Joe turned out to be the nicest and friendliest member of Cow Chop.

Besides being a regular member on Cow Chop, he has appeared on James' channel many times. Examples of some of his more well known appearances are Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Bros Amiibo challenge, and Super Mario Maker 50/50 challenge.

Joe left Cow Chop in November of 2017, to finish college. He stated that he'd probably come back from time to time, and James has encouraged this.


  • Joe used to always wear a chicken mask, and would always conceal his face, similar to Sp00n.
  • Joe is known for being very short compared to everyone else in Cow Chop. He's 4'8 feet tall.

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