Momma Anal is Nova's Sims 4 character, made after Accepted Anal. She is the mother of Accepted Anal and stepmother of Denied Anal. She is a large black woman with saggy breasts, a skirt, and piercing beady eyes. She wears a dress, blue shoes, and a pimp hat. Currently, she works as a criminal, or a tough gal.


Despite her appearance, Momma Anal is loving of both of her sons. She does, however, get into fights with Accepted Anal. The both do love each other, in spite of this, as Accepted Anal brightens her day. With Denied, she has no problems with. She gives relationship advice to a very lonely Denied Anal. Momma Anal is also materialistic, admiring things Nova buys for her.


  • Momma Anal likes to talk to herself.
  • Momma Anal sleeps outside, so people like Carlo Todd can see her.
  • Many fans consider Momma Anal the tritagonist of the Sims 4 playthrough, yet many others consider her to just be minor character.


  • None that we know of



  • Accepted Anal
  • Denied Anal


  • Papa Anal (possibly)

Love InterestsEdit

  • Denied Anal (possibly)