Pepito is a mysterious dog belonging to Nova. He is very rarely mentioned and has only been referred to in videos as "the fat dog". Nova has made throwaway comments like "Gotta let the dog out" but has never specified what dog he was talking about or given any information about it. It is unknown if James still owns Pepito.


Pepito is, according to Nova, a fatass. He apparently can't get up the stairs to Nova's room which is why he's never heard about; even Seamus says that he never hears about the dog and thinks it must not get any love at Nova's house. Nova revealed on Formspring that Pepito is a Jack Russell. In the original Tree House Adventure, Gassy said "Call him Pepito" when they were naming a grey sheep. This could have been a reference to Nova's dog, or the fact Gassy has named things Pepito in the past. Pepitos are also delicious little seeds.


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