Road of the Rising Dead was a series created by Nova, used to hype and advertise his upcoming Dead Rising 2 let's play. Despite being incredibly obscure and mostly lost, it is possibly the most important series in James' career as a YouTuber, due to it giving exposure to James' personal channel (the series was uploaded on the then-highly popular Machinima and Machinima Respawn). Also, many fans, as well as James, have stated that his main channel Dead Rising 2 let's play is the biggest reason for James becoming so popular.

In the series, James plays through the Case Zero DLC which sets the story for Dead Rising 2. It introduces Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey as the two main characters. Due to Nova leaving Machinima, most of the videos have been privated, with only one currently remaining public.


Dead Rising 2: Case Zero - James' playlist for the series