T-Dog in his pen

T-Dog is the first of Nova's turtles to be seen in his Quad Mountain Survival series. He also appears in The Ex-Communicated Series: Dragon Ball Z Edition.


T-Dog is named after the character of the same name from the television series 'The Walking Dead'. Nova failed to tame T-Dog several times, which caused Nova to gain a hatred towards T-Dog. After Nova went through extreme lengths to try and tame T-Dog, he eventually located and tamed another turtle and named it Rick before eventually taming T-Dog.

When returning to Nova's house, the three were attacked by a Lightning Creeper, resulting in Rick's death. T-Dog narrowly survived the attack. Nova claims that he cares more about Rick than T-Dog, saying that he wishes T-Dog died in the place of Rick. Nova expressed his hatred towards T-Dog even further by making his pen extremely narrow. When Nova relocated all of his turtles into a hole made by a Reverse Creeper he removed T-Dog from his small pen and let roam him free with the other turtles. Nova would occasionally insult T-Dog and blame him for anything bad that happened. Nova planned to move T-Dog into the second floor of his house, to be separated from the other turtles, but this never happened.

When Nova came back to Quad Mountain Survival after a long hiatus, he decided to finally let T-Dog come on his adventures with him, since the character T-Dog from The Walking Dead died.

He eventually conquered the fourth mountain, but decided to leave T-Dog there, for unknown reasons. It was most likely because Nova did not feel like carrying him back home with him. T-Dog's fate has been left unknown ever since.


T-Dog was brought back by Nova in episode 14 of Minecraft Ex-Comm Dragon Ball Z Mod. He was placed at one of the roofs in the village with Glidey McSnake and became huge.

In Episode 34 T-Dog tragically died while fighting the Ginyu Force, alongside Nova.