World star

WORLD STAR is a running gag of Nova. It had a brief surge of popularity and use between Nova and his fans, but now it is rarely ever used.


WORLD STAR first originated from one of Nova's H1Z1 streams, where a player was shouting "WORLD STAR" when other players started fighting. James dubbed him the "Hype-Man". James and the Hype-Man stuck close to each other, fighting many other players along the way, until James ended up dying. A short time later, after respawning, James and the Hype-Man met again in the forest. James was hunting down another player, when he heard a familiar WORLD STAR in the distance. James killed the player, while the Hype-Man provided hype for whole ordeal.

The Hype-ManEdit

The Hype-Man's identity was revealed to be Twitch streamer KSONE TV. Nova and KSONE both follow each other on Twitter, and have become friends since the encounter. The two met a second time on H1Z1 where Nova killed him, and in 2017, the pair played multiple different games together. James and Aleks both met KSONE in person as well, during Let's Play Live.


  • WORLD STAR is a reference to, a website that contains many fight videos where people shout "World Star" in them.