Will Smith

Will Smith just after Nova found him in The Burning Village.

Will Smith is a character in Nova's Craft Crossing series. An NPC villager from one of Nova's many mods, his name was chosen because of his resemblance to famous actor, Will Smith.


One day, while Nova was adventuring, he came across a village, which was being raided and burned. Heroically, Nova dashed in and saved the day. After the danger had been banished, Nova searched the village. At first, it seemed nothing had survived, until Will Smith appeared.

Will Smith just stood there until Nova approached him. Will explained to Nova what had happened. He asked if Nova could take him back to the guild, and Nova agreed. Nova led him back, maneuvering monsters on the way. Once they got there, Nova slept in his house while Will Smith was forced to stay outside. In the morning he was taken back to the kingdom, and Nova and Will became close friends.

Will would then randomly appear at already razed villages, probably there to investigate or help villagers, and later when Nova became ruler of a kingdom, Will joined him and became his royal supervisor.


One day, in Nova's new kingdom, a priest had betrayed him and cursed him. In a rage, Nova filled the temple with TNT and blew it up. Then, still in a rage, he began to destroy everything in his path. Then, he arrived at a house, which ended up belonging to Will Smith. Nova expressed relief, until he saw his girlfriend, prompting him to blow up Will and his girlfriend. Somehow, Will escaped, which led Nova to blow him up again. This continued happening several times until Nova dropped him in a hole, covered it, and blew him up.


  • According to Nova, the Will Smith in his series is 'I Am Legend' Will Smith.
  • Throughout the series, James made numerous Will Smith jokes and wisecracks, especially referencing his well known, musically untalented daughter, Willow Smith.
  • Will Smith became a running gag with James' fan base, as well as The Creatures' fan base. This only lasted a short time though.